Panning is an artisanal chocolate-making technique that has been practised for centuries. It involves the delicate process of coating a centre (a nut, a piece of fruit or a confectionary) with a layer of chocolate then sealing and polishing to a glossy, shiny finish.

At Nestar, the panning process begins with selecting the best centre to be used in our copper pans. Issy – the chocolatier – selects the right quality, shape and size nuts or fruits. The curated centres are then placed into large pans for the engrossing process. During this process, the pans rotate while milk or dark chocolate is drizzled onto the contents. Simultaneously, cool air is injected into the pan to set the chocolate. To complete the process, the coated products are transferred to copper polishing pans where they are sealed and polished to a glossy shine. 

Issy has dedicated his time to perfecting this technique. As a master craftsman, he knows that a perfectly coated chocolate can only be achieved if the speed of the pan and the viscosity of the chocolate is carefully controlled. Watching him in action is like watching a well-choreographed dance. He is constantly on his feet, gliding from pan to pan checking on their progress. Occasionally, he pauses and puts his ear close to a pan. He is listening to tell if a batch of tumbling centres needs his expert guidance for a better separation. Sometimes,he removes his glove and gently runs a finger on the side of the pans to test the chocolate. He also checks the temperature and air velocity and makes minute adjustments. Issy does not stop until he is satisfied that the product is perfect.

All Nestar and Miss Sweetie chocolates are panned in small artisanal batches daily using European techniques. Our idea is to introduce people to truly exquisite chocolates with superior taste profiles. Nestar is famous for our vegan chocolate collection. To stay true to our vegan fans, we make sure we have a dedicated set of pans and equipment that we use only for our vegan range.


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