Deep inside the rooms of the House of Nestar lies Issy’s private panning room, no access permitted, even staff stay away from this very revered space. With over 12 years of dedicated panning, at his young age we can surely say Issy is Australia’s most experienced hand-panner, his expertise shows in every bite.

For years Issy has selected premium, delicious and nutritious natural centres for the Nestar brand, as the owner he is familiar with the best and this is what he creates. So with half a dozen massive 100 kilo capacity solid copper pans, old stuff, like a hundred years old, really! Issy begins his traditional process and small batches are made. The room is tightly temperature and air flow controlled, to allow for slow, smooth rounding of centres in warm, pure chocolate dripping, yes, dripping! no spray machines to be seen, and here is where the Nestar difference is most obvious... unlike commercial chocolate panners that churn out hundreds of self automated batches a day in stainless steel pans with timed sprayers, Issy, personally manages each small batch, all these little jewels get his attention and timely handling, one by one, and slowly but surely, they get fatter with lush chocolate gently and warmly en-robbing each piece. By the way at this stage it’s likely that Elizabeth, the Chocoholic half of the Team, will be sneaking around and seriously conducting ‘taste testings’ on the fresh batches.... no wonder she is addicted to Nestar! because at this panning stage, the chocolate coating on the nuts & berries, is thick, but still warm so it is a soft bite, into heaven! In the final stage, Issy uses a special polishing pan, where all the little chocolates are allowed to run and tumble, naked and fast, as they get a shiny, plant based sealing layer. They are now all dressed up and ready to be boxed up and carried directly on to the first packing room, from here, their real journey begins.

Having just been made, all chocolates are poured into the packing machine, gently tumbling and falling into air tight pouches ready to be boxed... yes, only a few minutes, perhaps hours old, these little gems are already sealed up safely, ready for the next step, our in-house hand boxing and labeling stage. Our loyal and reliable packing staff, carefully hand pack each bag into our sturdy Aussie made product boxes. Within less than 24 hours, our chocolates are ready for national distribution across Australia, in supermarkets, gifting companies, corporate clients or ready for longer trips through our export distributors in New Zealand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and more.

Owners Issy and Elizabeth follow a vegan diet, same goes for their products and brands, weather a chocolate product, fruit pieces, pretzels or nut butters, the Nestar Chocolate Factory is proudly fully vegan.


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