Meet the Makers

Meet Issy and Liz, the creators of Nestar and Miss Sweetie. Forging a proudly Australian brand with a diverse range to tempt any chocolate connoisseur. Together, they make an unbeatable combination.

As a true artist and fine chocolate maker, Issy was trained in Europe and Australia. He has learnt a skill that takes years to perfect. An educated buyer will be able to discern the true characteristics of a premium panned chocolate.

Liz is a quintessential artist. Thank goodness she has her creativity in something delicious. As a brand designer, speaker, mentor, copywriter, model, illustrator, conceptualist and philanthropist—to get about half way down the list—Liz knows how to work the room, captivate her audience and leave them wanting more. She’s a brand and design, ‘one stop shop’.

Nestar and Miss Sweetie chocolates

Freshly panned everyday and shipped nationally!

Our manufacturing, packing and shipping is locally done in Melbourne, including the printing and finishing of our product boxes. At nestar, our aim is to deliver quality products that delight our customers all year round.

Issy only uses pure premium Callebaut Belgian style chocolate. When producing high quality panned chocolate from appearance to taste profiles there is no substitute for a perfectly hand panned product.

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Coffees with: Nestar power couple Issy & Liz

Coffees with: Nestar power couple Issy & Liz

Behind every successful brand, there is a successful team pushing the boundaries and working tirelessly to make it a hit!

But what is the secret formula for the perfect team? Passion, dedication, creativity, drive…

These are just some of the words that could be used to describe the dynamite power couple behind Nestar, a brand that has taken chocolate to a whole new level.


April 08, 2017 by Liz Rudenko
Hand Panned

Hand Panned

Panning is an original, artisan method of chocolate coating fruit and nuts (or a centre). It is one of the oldest and technical skills of chocolate making. Chocolate is slowly poured over centres in a tumbling coating pan. The speed of the pans circulation and the viscoscity of the chocolate is carefully controlled by the chocolate maker. If too much chocolate is applied, the centres may stick together causing a failed batch.
April 08, 2017 by Issy Bilal
Meet The Makers

Meet The Makers

Chocolate can only be made with passion. Period. Could you even imagine a lackluster chocolatier yawning awake in the morning only to make average chocolate?

No. That kind of chocolatier doesn’t exist. Chocolate must be filled with flavor, ignite your inner palate and take you to places you have never been. Simply put, chocolate must make you fall in love bite after bite after bite.

April 08, 2017 by Issy Bilal


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