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Here at Nestar and Miss Sweetie chocolates, we can only describe what we do using the word ‘Passion’ we
love what we make and nothing gives us more pleasure than sharing our passion with you.



Our manufacturing, packing and shipping is locally done in Melbourne, including the printing and finishing of our product boxes. At nestar, our aim is to deliver quality products that delight our customers all year round. As a responsible manufacturer we have always maintained extensive procedures to control the safety and quality of products at all stages, from suppliers through to processing, packaging and distribution.

issy’s work

As a true artist and fine chocolatier, Issy was trained in Europe and Australia. He has learnt in depth a skill that takes years to perfect. An educated buyer will be able to discern the true characteristics of a premium panned chocolate. Issy has personally selected chocolate that creates a perfect coating bringing out the subtleties of the centre. Issy only uses pure premium Callebaut Belgian style chocolate. When producing high quality panned chocolate from appearance, to taste profiles there is no substitute for a perfectly hand panned product. Issy’s Nestar range is an expression of chocolate as fine art, it creates memories it evokes emotions. Issy has created his own signature recipes for his brand, Nestar.


Liz’s work


With over 10 years experience in modelling and a Swinburne Design Degree, Elizabeth’s talent for conceptual design quickly got her into International Advertising firms as Creative Director. Her experience covers managing brands such as Versace, Telstra, Autralia Post, Dulux and Roca. Her broad experience together with Issy helped create their brands, successfully sold nationally and with International exports to Asia, Middle East and New Zealand.

Elizabeth has created her dream job and company, and it is her driving passion. Her inspiration stems from a deep love for chocolate and securing the future of our beautful country, Australia. Elizabeth is responsible for creating her companies brands from concept to being on the shelf.  She uses her photographic, content writing, social media, illustration, modelling and conceptual strengths to create winning brands. 

As a business woman she has been involved in exporting their brands to  the Middle East, Asia and NZ for over 5 years now but her biggest strength has been creating a strong team of national distributors taking their Aussie products to hundreds of stores across Australia. One of Elizabeth’s biggest interests is the future of Australian manufacturing and she has strongly focused on making sure Australian made brands gain strength and better market share, disuading buyers from choosing mass produced foreign owned brands and changing loyalties by creating pure, irresistible, totally fresh chocolates made by issy.

Finally Elizabeth’s biggest passion has been her continuous involvement on a personal & corporate level with numerous Foundations and associations helping raise uch needed funds and awareness for the plight of the less fortunate and animals. From this strong commitmentElizabeth & Issy’s Vegan brands have grown and are now favourites among Vegans & vegetarians nationally. 

Some of the Associations/Foundations Elizabeth & Issy have helped are: 

Animals Australia,  Sea Shepherd Foundation,  Flying Doctors,  Edgard’s Mission 
Lost Dog’s Home,  Vegan Warriors,  RSPCA Australia,  Save the Tasmanian Devil Program 
World Vegan Day 2015,  Animal Protection Society Victoria,  Wildlife Victoria,  JOY  FM radio

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”Just wanted to thank you Nestar for making the most delicious Vegan chocolates I ever had, the Pure Bliss macadamia are addictive, the animals thank you guys” - Dianne W


”OMG!!! thank you guys! LOVE your Dairy Free Nestar!!! can’t get enough!!! thank you! xx” - Eddy J



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