Nestar was launched in 2004 by Creative Director Elizabeth Simaliak and Chocolatier Issy Bilal, with a vision to supply decadent yet affordable handmade chocolates to Australia and the world.

Now, Nestar has grown to include 100% vegan Miss Sweetie chocolates; Cocoa Luxe, an exquisite range finished in french cocoa dust; Coffee Addict,a delicious caffeinated snack for on the go; and the Nestar signature range, of which 95% is vegan and dairy-free.

Beside a strong belief in cruelty-free ingredients, Nestar is proud to have an Australia first sourcing policy. Because the best quality ingredients are grown right here, whether it’s Aussie fruits and seeds or delicious Queensland macadamias. This philosophy goes all the way to our packaging, which is designed and printed in Australia from recycled materials.

All Nestar and Miss Sweetie chocolates are panned in small boutique batches using artisanal European techniques. And with exotic vegan selections like Dark chocolate inca berries, Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans and Cocoa Dusted Almonds, there’s an irresistible treat for everyone!

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"I love, love love these delicious dairy free chocolates!!! So far I've tried all of their different chocolate covered nuts, some of the berry chocolates and other products such as the quinoa rings and chocolate covered ginger. My absolute favourites are the chocolate covered macadamias. Simply sublime. When I found out about my dairy intolerance, I was devastated that I'd no longer be able to eat chocolate. I'd tried various dairy free chocolates over the years and while they filled the gap somewhat, they didn't really hit the spot. So when I stumbled across this brand at Foodland, I was ecstatic. Finally, real dairy free chocolate that was utterly delicious! The quality of this brand is always excellent and the customer service is fantastic. I'm more than happy to recommend Nestar & Miss Sweetie Chocolates". - Melati Lum

A wonderful range of delicious chocolate covered treats. Fantastic company with friendly and professional service and fast delivery. Thanks Liz and Issy keep up the great work!.” - Beck Murray


All the chocolate products I’ve had from Nestar & Miss Sweetie Chocolates have been of high quality & are simply delicious. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a superb & unique product that is made in Melbourne. I’m always impressed with their customer service & speed of delivery too..”  - Michelle Meshel 



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