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 Chocolate can only be made with passion. Period. Could you even imagine a lackluster chocolatier yawning awake in the morning only to make average chocolate?


No. That kind of chocolatier doesn’t exist. Chocolate must be filled with flavor, ignite your inner palate and take you to places you have never been. Simply put, chocolate must make you fall in love bite after bite after bite.


But what if that raw excitement—that unending eccentric nature of chocolate—went far beyond taste? What if it went into the art of the design, the story behind the bite and vibrant package that wraps itself around the chocolate and carries it right to your door?


The answer is simple: You would have Nestar & Miss Sweetie.


Meet Issy and Liz, the creators of Nestar and Miss Sweetie. Forging a proudly Australian brand with a diverse range of flavors and textures was an adventure neither one of them could have done alone. Together, however, they make an unbeatable combination.


Issy is a business graduate from Swinburne University—whose marketing nohow lead him to become his own boss. Issy has made himself a hallmark of transformation, as his never ending skill set continues to evolve through all the businesses he touches. Now at the helm of Nestar and Miss Sweetie Chocolates as head chocolate maker, he’s about to really leave a mark on the industry.


Liz is a quintessential artist. Thank goodness she has her creativity in something delicious. There’s nothing her wit and her art can’t touch. As a brand designer, speaker, mentor, copywriter, model, illustrator, conceptualist and philanthropist—to get about half way down the list—Liz knows how to work the room, captivate her audience and leave them wanting more. She’s a brand and design, ‘one stop shop’.


What sets Issy and Liz apart only strengthens the power of Nestar and Miss sweetie. But beyond the highest quality of flavor and texture—from amazing Australian native flavors to whole macadamias, cranberries, roasted hazelnuts, fruit and coffee beans—their affinity for the art of presentation is what makes them a force to be reckoned with.


Visit and see for yourself—these chocolates are made with love. Each individual package has a chic design reminiscent of their Aussie surroundings and their exotic natural beauty. Very simply, Nestar and Miss Sweetie, and the passion Issy and Liz have put into it, transcends brand. Each chocolate represents its own experience. From the moment you hold Nestar or Miss Sweetie chocolate in your hand, you’re hooked.


Best of all, Issy and Liz have created a brand set to take on the world while staying honest to themselves. Meet them—talk to them, and you’ll see how their personalities connect to the products of Nestar  and Miss Sweetie immediately.


Try something new from Nestar and Miss Sweetie today—and share the experience with someone close to you. You can’t keep something this good to yourself.

April 08, 2017 by Issy Bilal
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